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All of the following songs are available for recording.  Please contact Jo for a demo recording and lyric sheet

A Lot To Answer For

Retro 30s style/pop-rock ballad.


While her man is away his best friend comes calling around ......

After Many Years

Classical/Theatre style song for high or low soprano


A setting of Henry Kendall's poignant poem


Approximately 5th Grade level




$8 Digital Download - $12 Hard Copy


Pop-rock ballad.


Lucy runs from the loneliness of her small town life to the excitement, and ultimately greater loneliness, of the big city

Au Revoir

Pop-rock ballad.


When someone we love has suffered, their death brings release to a greater experience. A song of comfort, hope and joy

Brick By Brick

Pop-rock ballad.


Growing up if fraught with trial and tribulation. Finding and trusting one's inner strength is the key to navigating life's turbulent path.

Carry Them Home

Folk Style ballad.


A reflective look at how lucky we are to live here in Australia, what Christmas means to us and what responsibilities call to us.

$25 Digital Download / $30 Hard Copy

Child of my Time

Folk style ballad.


"Michael came to stay when things weren't working out at home". A story of family and social dysfunction.




A poignant song with a lilting Irish melody




They came as new migrants to Australia, hardworking and filled with dreams for a better life for their children. Did they succeed in their ideals?




The boundary between dreams and reality is often blurred and my dream lover calls me ever to sleep...




Emily is a very special person. Do you have someone like this in your life?

Empty Dreams

Musical Theatre Ballad.


In the late 1700s it was far too easy for women who didn't 'keep to their place' to be shipped off to the colonies. Frequently all she had to do was become involved with a man from a higher station in life. If she became a nuisance, she became expendable.

Fairy Tale



Two lovers must hide from the prying eyes of the world, but someday...




A classic love song

Five Years Ago



Isn't it funny how when you're a child the community regards you with benevolence, then you become a teenager and suddenly you're dangerous goods. This is my tribute to the silent cry of forgotten youth

Hidden Valley

Classical Female Vocal Solo


Rustic song suitable for young people (approx. 12 years onwards)


For Soprano voice - range B flat - E flat


(currently ungraded)

$8 Digital Download / $12 Hard Copy

In Time



In time, the pain of having to say goodbye to that special someone will mend, and you will always have their light to carry within you

I Wonder

Folk Style Ballad.


The mysteries of Universal Law - a social, spiritual and environmental commentary

Love Me Tonight



Tomorrow you may be gone ... but for tonight ...


Inspired by the beautiful 2nd Movement of Beethoven's 5th Piano Concerto


My Lover and My Friend



A Love Song

Out of Your Mind

Jazz/Blues Ballad.


He's out fooling around and you're the last one to know - or maybe you just don't want to?


Pop/Rock Ballad.


School's out, everyone's out partying and you're home alone - as usual. What makes you so different?

Something More

Pop Ballad.


We all have dreams and we all have the right to try to fulfil them

Take Me Bach

Set to J S Bach's 1st Prelude in C (from the WTC)


He calls from the past and strokes my restless mind - a gentle, dreamy song

The Best of Me

Country style Ballad.


You were only passing through, but wow, didn't we light some fireworks along the way...

Time for Letting Go

Ballad - Male/female Duet


You see it one way, I see it another - do we have enough love to hold it together?

Too Good To Refuse

Jazz style satire/Theatre


I have it all - beauty, wealth and style, and lucky you - in this one-time special offer, I'm going to show you how great it is to be me!

Train for Nowhere



'The tracks are smoking as my train goes racing on,

And you won't see me for the dust ...'


True to My Heart (I Am)



I'm a woman, which means I can do two things at once (and the rest!)

A powerful song of female assertion

You Were There



It's over now, but while it lasted you showed me more than I could ever have dreamed...A powerful song of female assertion

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