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The Camelot Trilogy

3 Epic Tone Poems


On the media player below, click on the 'time' listing for each item to open the link to the track page which contains more detail of each track.




for David Stirling Cooper of the Graham and Colquhoun clans





Three epic tone poems paint a soundscape of an ancient Celtic world, depicting the final days of Camelot - from the death of Arthur, through the ceremony of his burial at sea on a funeral pyre to the dawn of a new day.


Battle of Camlann


In an ancient land, knights ride into battle wearing their courage like a comfortable mantle and passions flare as barbarously as the law of survival and all is sheathed beneath an illusory swirling mist.   Against this background, Arthur is mortally wounded at the hands of his nephew and bitter rival, Mordred.



Duration:  Just over 3 and a half minutes

Grading: 6th Grade - AMEB/ANZCA


Ashes of Avalon


In the bloody aftermath of the Battle of Camlann, Camelot lies in ruins, the battlefield strewn with bodies and the remains of many small fires.  Arthur is ceremoniously carried away and prepared for burial and a hazy, red glow settles over the land which still rings with the cries of battle


Duration:  Approx. 4 and a half minutes

Grading:  Approx. 7th Grade - AMEB/ANZCA


Sunrise over Camelot


Long after the dust has settled on the final battle, the sun finally rises on a new and fresh Camelot, her tales and secrets remaining forever buried deep in the soil of those ancient lands.


Duration:  Just over 5 minutes

Grading:  Approx. 6th Grade - AMEB/ANZCA




These tone poems draw deep on my Celtic heritage and are dedicated to my father - a man of extraordinary courage and will, who was born near Camelon in Stirling, Scotland, a natural stronghold forming the gateway to the highlands and believed to be the true location of the legendary Camelot or Camlann.




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