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Jazzamatazz ...

and other acts of attitude!

10 Jazzy Numbers for Young Pianists

On the media player below, click on the 'time' listing for each item to open the link to the track page which contains more detail of each track.



The strong rhythms of jazz and its associated styles are enormously appealing to pianists of all ages and to children in particular.  

Thus I find that I am under constant demand from students to provide them with ever more 'jazzy' pieces.  

The following are a few of the fruits of my endeavours to please my younger pupils, although several will also be attractive to adults.

 They begin at the earliest level and become progresively more difficult so that teachers may find this book a useful tool to suppleent other material through the early grades.


Grading: Pre-preliminary to 3rd grade AMEB/ANZCA



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