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Jazz!  Schmazz!

8 Cool Numbers for Young Pianists

On the media player below, click on the 'time' listing for each item to open the link to the track page which contains more detail of each track.




Welcome to my latest collection of jazzy pieces for children.  As always, the music is dictated by the wants and needs of my students who generally love the snappy rhythms of this genre and are ever demanding of new music!!


With the exception of Jazzy McPhazzy, I've avoided adding lyrics to the music but I do find that words often help in mastering the rhythms - particularly with swing quavers which often end up back to front!  To this end, I've added some of my suggestions to the notes at the beginning, rather than to the actual music.  I've found it best to keep the words simple and repetitive so that they stay firmly in the mind.


I use pedal pretty freely throughout to add colour and contrast so feel free to add pedal where it seems appropriate and where the student can manage.



Grading: From Approx. 1st to 3rd Grade - AMEB/ANZCA



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