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Conquering Canons
 A light-hearted approach to the torments of canons!

On the media player below, click on the 'time' listing for each item to open the link to the track page which contains more detail of each track.



These canons were written to fill a niche in my teaching repertoire between the early level canons such as those by Pozzoli and Kunz and the two-part inventions of JS Bach which begin at around 4th grade level (AMEB)


They are not particular easy - nor were they intended to be - but neither are they as grueling as some of the longer and more serious contrapuntal works which students will eventually progress to.  They do provide a much needed element of fun - canons are difficult enough without having to be boring and it is reassuring that more contemporary writers are rising to this challenge.  My students, whilst dubbing this collection "Teacher's Revenge", are invariably able to have a laugh at their effort to conquer many of these tricky little numbers!  Their sense of achievement in gaining the required independence of the hands (or brain-split!) is satisfying indeed! 


It is essential in the learning of canons that each cell or phrase is practiced independently, both separately and hands together so that the final result is a true independence of the the melodies, rather than a pedestrian rendition of note against note.


Grading is approprimately 2nd and 3rd grade AMEB although some are around 1st Grade but I would prefer the book be viewed as an experiential journey through the art of canonic playing rather than a step by step process.


*Round the Garden is set for AMEB Grade 1 Syllabus and also available in the AMEB Series 17 Grade 1 exam book.







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